2013 Rebrand Global Television Network News.

         Rebrand Chek News Victoria


2010 Global National News Update.


2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 SOCAN "Television News and Sports Programming" award.


2007 PROMAX Silver award for "News Understood" Promo for Global National News.


2006  Theme music package for Global National News with Kevin Newman.

          Theme music package for Global News affiliates Canada wide.

          Theme music package for CBC BC Television.


2005  Theme music package for CH television network news and 6 regional  


          Theme music for OMNI's series, Workout, Flow Yoga and Tai Chi.


2003  News Music for Vancouver’s new multi-cultural television station Channel M 

            Mediamind Travel Video Soundtrack

           Food Network Documentary Bocuse d"Or


2002  Lunny Communications AV presentation for Mission Hill family estates

            Food Network Documentary - Masterchefs

           GLOBAL news music update.


2001   GLOBAL television National news programs.

            Food Network documentary - World Pastry Cup


2000   BCTV Newshour                 

            CDROM and video sound tracks for Lunny communications

            Artist  development deals with Marshmellow Records


1999    CDROM and video sound tracks for Lunny communications

            CD production “ Mental Trashcans “ for independent artist Jillian Michaels

            The animated television series “ Motorworld “

            BCTV station ID’s


1998   Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment -

            The Television Series “ Grizzlies TV” on VTV

            The Television Series “ NHL Canucks “ on VTV

            Three 1/2 hour travel videos for Daval Productions

            Establishes “ The1cat’s Broadcast Music Library “.

            CD Release - “ Heavy Eric - Heart Behind the 8 Ball “


1997   CHEK 6 TV News

            CHEK 6 TV Station Promotional package

            ORCA BAY Pre-draft 1/2 hour specials for Canucks and Grizzlies

            ORCA BAY Canucks “ Logo Launch “ campaign

            The Television series “Sportspage” ( GLOBAL Television )

            CD’s for independent artists- Veronica Bay and Maria Herrera

            Winner “ Write-on 97” songwriting contest- 1st in Dance/Rap  category, 2nd                        

            place in Folk category


1996   All 6 BCTV Newshour Series

            ( Morning, Noon, Early, Canada Tonight, Newshour and Newshour Final )

            The Television series “ Voodoo”.

            The Television  infomercial “ Grizzlies “.

            The Television infomercial “Canucks “.

            Produces Noise Therapy  “Dr. Johnny Fever”  CD

            2nd place winner in " Write on " song contest.

            Canucks  pay-per-view theme for Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment.

            Continue to produce independent  artist releases and songwriter demos

            Averaging 200 songs per year.


1995   The Television Series “Grizzlies TV, NBA”.

            Station promos for BCTV.

            Themes for BCTV Newshour programs

            The Television Series “Canucks NHL Hockey”.

            Instructor with Vancouver Film School.

            Scores for Electronic Arts video games.

            The International Television Series " Madison ".

            Produces " 3 chords at 11" CD for Heavy Eric.

            Produces " The Producers Masterclass for Singers" instructional CD.


1994    BCTV-  Music for all six Newshour programs

            Vancouver  Film  School - Promotional videos.

            Commercials for NatureMade Vitamins and NBA.


1993   The Television Series “Vancouver Canucks”

            The Television Series” Winning Spirit “

            UTV theme for “Film at  9 “

            NBA  promotional videos.

            Various corporate soundtracks.

            Best Demo Production - DemoListen Derby.


1992   The Television Series U News at 6

            The Television Series SPORTSPAGE

            The Television Series 23:30

            The Television Series Yourtown.

            The documentary " Vancouver " (Canwest /Global ).

            Produces and cowrites  "Circles of Love" for Olympian Charmaine

            Crooks. Receives international airplay. Video produced by CTV.

            Best Demo - DemoListen Derby .

            CD Releases:  New Beat of Christmas ll - Z 95.3 FM

                                    World Peace - Red Sector One

                                    Randy Narayan - Randy Narayan


1991   The Television Series “The Next Line” gameshow.


1990   Six UTV Television series.

            B.C. Tel  industrial video.

            Commercials for Guildford Town Centre.

            The Film : Urban Man Walking.


1989   CKVU documentaries: Asia Pacific, and Distant Voices.

            The Television Series “Westcoast”

            The Television Series “Out Of My Mind”.


1988   The Film : “The Haploid Affair” .

            The documentary : Life Of Independence, Hy Perspectives Media Group            

            featuring Raymond Burr

            Guitar player for The R&B All-Stars. 


1987   The Film: God Plays Guitar. also  cast in  lead role.

            The Television Series “TGIF” ( CKVU television )

            The Television Series “Video Gallery” ( CKVU television )                



            Producer for Maurice and the Clichés  album “ C’est la Vie” 

            40 thousand units sold in US. Billboard top pick

            National  tour with Prism as guitar and keyboard player.

            National tour and album with Chilliwack.

            The album Bowers-Ducharme with Annette Ducharme is released on Capitol           


            Guitar player on " 90 Days" on John Lee Hooker's Grammy  Award winning 

            album " Jealous"

            Guitar player for The Vanlive Band, CKVU.

            Performs with Paul Shaffer, Spencer Davis and Jeff Healey