No band? No problem.


With Jamie’s years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist on keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion and more, you don’t need to hire a group of musicians.


An award winning producer, arranger, engineer, songwriting coach and singing coach, Jamie is your complete solution to great recordings.


The one cat does it all.

Client quotes:


"Jamie is a songwriter's dream come true. He produced 4 of my albums and my award winning song Conformity 451. He is a great joy and an amazing talent to work with!"


Norine Braun


"I’d never worked with Jamie, so I didn’t know what to expect. Together we achieved the style I had imagined and more. His instrumentation really brought out the message of each song.

I encourage any artist to try working with him”


Jillian Michaels Scootercat Music Inc.

A producer who’s greatest talent is listening.
James passionately seeks your core vision of your song, and will listen intently to your description of how you want it to sound and feel. He'll ask you if you can think of songs by other artists to get in the ballpark for the feeling you're after. Writers from Bach to the Beatles, to many of today's artists "model" on other productions. Using elements of these other songs, but never copying is an art in itself, and James accels at this.
He's always on the lookout for clues in your expression and body language as he builds the track, layer by layer.
You will feel safe and protected expressing your ideas, even if you don't speak the language of music. And you will feel excited hearing your creation take form.


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Working closely over skype, Jamie brings the songwriter/singer a unique and highly collaborative production experience. You're there every step of the way to participate in the creation of your track.